Monday, October 29, 2012

Office chic

(door knobs can be found HERE)
I did this post a while back, but today I am linking it up over at Momfessionals.

When we moved into our new home I was so excited to get my hands on the office!  I wanted  a space that was unique, calming and inspiring.  I love to mix different styles...shabby chic, rustic, vintage, french, etc and this was the perfect place to combine them.

Welcome to my office...let me show you around

I love rooms that are neutral with a pop of color.  I chose to use a neutral gray color on the walls.  I used Behr paint that was a color match of Walmart's Colorplace Paint in the color Falcon.  I love that color, but like Behr paint better.  Then I wanted to mix rustic with very girly.  The office has a tres ceiling so I chose a faux wood wallpaper to go there and then added a crystal chandelier.  I LOVE the way it turned out...the ceiling really looks like wood.

Click HERE to find this wallpaper.

Once I had a neutral base I wanted to pick a pop of color and went with one of my favs...Robin Egg Blue.  I had this section behind my desk where I needed the perfect piece!  It needed storage, I wanted a combo of cabinets and drawers and it had to be the perfect size to fit between these 2 built-ins that I designed with our builder.

Then I found this perfect piece!!! An antique Empire dresser/buffet.  

Now time to get to work on her make over.  I chose a Behr color match of the Walmart Colorplace color of Bahama Underwater Blue.  

And here she is...the newest member of my furniture family

She was the perfect fit and I just love her...totally makes the office.  I used glass knobs from Home Depot and have these same knobs on my desk in the office.  This desk was one of my first House of Hargrove pieces!  
You can find the rug HERE

More pics of the office...

I love bulletin boards...  Here I have photos from our wedding day, furniture inspiration, fabric swatches I love, and one of our House of Hargrove custom art signs with important dates in my can get yours too!!  Lots of options available.  Click HERE to see the choices and just email me at to get yours.

Moving around the office I have this House of Hargrove piece that is perfect for crafts!  It has tons of compartments in the top drawer to help organize everything

An amazing customer of mine gave me this Pottery Barn file cabinet and after a little HOH makeover it worked perfectly!!

Bolts of fabric...

Detail of hardware on built-in cabinets

I still have work to do in the office...I need to add curtains, wall art, etc.  I LOVE Kravet Riad fabric in black and white!  

I think it would be perfect for the drapes, but it is so $$$.  It is $55-$65 a yard and I need 4 panels made!  
Luckily I found an amazing knockoff fabric!!!
It is perfect.  

It is called Quatrafoil Black and you can find it HERE.
You can pick what base fabric this pattern is printed on and can get it for about $18 a yard!!  Much better.  Getting these made will be one of my next projects.  I am thinking of having them trimmed in Robin Egg Blue grosgrain ribbon to bring more of that color into the office...still not sure on this idea.

To me the office and the powder bathroom are perfect areas to do something a little different in your home because they don't have to flow as much with the rest of the home.

When you come into our home the office is on the left up a small set of stairs, but in the middle of the large staircase that leads upstairs.  
Here is a view from outside the office down the stairs.  You can see my favorite Mora clock replica.  Email me if you want one of your own!!

View from entryway, up small set of stairs to office.

View from top of stairs down to office
(you can see miss Avery coming up the stairs)

Thanks so much for stopping by...more decorating posts on our new home coming soon...stay tuned!!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Priceless Peacock!!

Peacock Princess!

I have been seeing all of this Peacock stuff all over lately and decided that it would be the perfect Halloween costume for Avery!  I love all the girly stuff so I wanted her to be a "Princess Peacock".
My mom came over and helped me and it was so easy and inexpensive!!!

We made the tutu for under $5!!
Brown Tulle  $0.77 a yard
Navy Tulle  $0.77 a yard
Aqua Tulle  $0.77 a yard
Green Tulle $0.77  a yard
The elastic was $1.29

All you do is cut the elastic to the size you want for the waistband, cut the tulle (we cut it in strips that were 25" long and 4" wide) and tie the tulle on the elastic in 1 knot in the middle of the 25" so that its basically 2 pieces hanging off the elastic at 12.5" each.
Simple as that!  

Then we hot glued Christmas glitter Peacock picks we found at Hobby Lobby (right side of photo).  They are in the Christmas Tree aisle with all of the garland and picks.  They were $2.49 and 40% off.  They also sell some at Walmart for $1.47 (left side of photo)...we didn't end up using those, but they were also cute.

Next, we worked on the top.  We had the brown top already.  You could use any onsie, or top you wanted.
We glued a Christmas ornament that they sell at Hobby Lobby to the middle.  It came just like that and was like $4 with 40% off.

Lastly, we bought a peacock feather clip that was over by the ribbon section at Hobby Lobby.  It was $6.99 but I used a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon which you can find here!

Tutu (with glitter peacock feathers): $8.85
Top: $2.40 (price for ornament...had top already)
Headband: $4.19 (price for peacock feather clip, we had bow and band already)
Seeing your baby girl as an adorable Peacock.... Priceless
(ok actually $15.44)

Bye Bye...thanks for reading about my costume!

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