Monday, June 30, 2014


Shabby Chic Chest 
SALE $200 (was $275)
 34"wide, 19" deep, 45.5" tall
 Black distressed chest 
SALE $200 (was $275)
 34"wide, 19" deep, 45.5" tall
 Beautiful 10 drawer dresser. Tons of storage!! Shabby white with black distressed top.
SALE $400 (was $500) 
66" wide, 19" deep, 34.5" tall
Shabby chic buffet with black distressed top. Card catalog pulls. 4 drawers, 2 side cabinets, center cabinets have shelves. 
SALE $450 (was $500)
66" wide, 19" deep, 34" tall

 Stunning black distressed buffet. Amazing condition, casters on each leg, beautiful details. This is a great piece! SALE $500 (was $550)
66" wide, 21" deep, 38" to top of counter, 42.5" to top of back decorative piece

Robin Egg Blue distressed buffet. 
SALE $450 (was $500)
55" wide, 20" deep, 37" tall

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My House of Hargrove-Master Bath

  I get asked lots of questions about our home so it's time to show you room by room.  Each week I will give you a tour of a new room in our house!  Please post in the comments if you have any questions about anything and I will do my best to answer them!

First up...our Master Bathroom.

Here is our floor plan and the blue area is our Master Bath.

Welcome inside....
Here is the view from our Master Bedroom into the bathroom.
One side of the bathroom...
 other side of the bathroom...

View from closet toward bedroom
When you walk into the bathroom immediately to the right is the toilet room.  Not very exciting in here, but above the toilet is a cabinet I redid when I was in college!  It has been with me a long time.  My first apartment had NO storage so I found this old ugly brown cabinet on the side of the road and I painted it and redid was one of the first things I ever redid.  Not fancy...but it works for exactly what I need it!

As you come out of the bathroom (far right) on the same side of the wall is the bathtub.  I LOVE this tub and really need to take more baths.  It is huge and has jets so it is super relaxing.  Seems like Avery spends more time in here than I do.  She likes to "swim" in it.  Above the tub is one of my favorite canvas prints of Avery.  She is holding my pearl necklace in the shot and I think it is just precious.  When Braden comes I will be adding a canvas of him up there as well.  Love seeing her cute face while I get ready.
Here is a view from the other side of the bathroom.  The opening on the right side goes into the shower area.
 Details of what is next to my bath tub.
 Here is the entry into the shower area.  I love this built in.  This house has tons of storage!
On the left is our walk in shower, the photo on the right is one of Geoff and I at our wedding.
 Here is a closeup of our wedding picture.  Such a fun day.  We took pics down by the canals in Las Colinas and the scenery around there is just beautiful!  It looks European.

 Here is a look inside the cabinet....I wish I could honestly say it is always this organized.
You can see some of my Rodan & Fields products.  You will see a lot of these around my bathroom because they are my absolute favorite.  Here is the Body Moisturizer, Self Tanner & Hand Cream.
 We love love love our shower!  It is huge and there is no glass that has to be cleaned!  In the next house I would like to have small glass windows at the top so some more light comes in (sometimes it feels a bit like a gym shower bc it is a bit dark), but high enough so you don't constantly have to clean them.  I hate cleaning glass in a just doesn't ever stay clean!
 We have 2 shower heads, one for Geoff and I and one has become Avery's.  She loves to shower and has taken over the right shower head.  You can see the plastic non slip pad we have on the shower floor so she can dance in the shower and not slip!
 Here is a close up of my products.  I am constantly trying new hair products.  This is just what I have in there right now.  I use blue shampoo a couple times a week to keep my hair from looking brassy, I LOVE Joico KPAK deep conditioner.  It smells so good and leaves your hair super silky.  Once again Rodan + Fields products.  Here are my 2 favorite face washes that I rotate...UNBLEMISH and REVERSE.  They have totally changed my skin!  I also have the R+F Body Microdermabrasion in here that I love to use in the summer.  It leaves your skin so smooth!

 This is my side of the bathroom (closest to the closet).  Please ignore the light bulb that is burnt out.  I just noticed that....oops!
I absolutely LOVE having built in cabinets right by my sink.  It is so great because I don't have to have a ton of stuff out on my counter.  I don't like a lot of clutter.
 The only things I like to keep on the counter are my Bath & Body Works foam hand soap in Warm Vanilla Sugar  (they are having their semi-annual sale right now and you can get 4 for $18, 6 for $24...this is when I stock up) and my Rodan+ Fields Macro Exfoliator.....a woman's best friend (although Geoff uses it too).  I use this every Sunday night and it is like getting weekly Micro-dermabrasion from home!  I am OBSESSED!!  

 Here is a look inside my cabinet.  
TIP: We had them put outlets inside the cabinets which is AWESOME!  I can leave my hairdryer and straightening iron plugged in all the time!
I highly recommend doing this if you are building.
TOP SHELF: I have one box for hair product and one box for skincare.
2ND SHELF:  I have my make-up brushes and the drawers are filled with my make-up.  This is such an easy way to organize for me.
-Top drawer: powder, blush
-2nd drawer eyes
-3rd drawer lips
3RD SHELF:  is my hair dryer, straightener and jewelry holders
(the orange/purple heart Avery made me for Mother's Day)
In the middle is the vanity.  In the next house I would do this differently.  I would not have this under the window.  I would love to sit and do my make-up here sometimes, but I need a mirror above it.  I don't like doing my make up in those small round counter mirrors so I would have to change this next time.  You learn so much when you build a house!

This is Geoff's side of the bathroom.

Here is a look inside his cabinet.  He too loves Rodan+Fields and uses the REDEFINE line.  Geoff is NOT a product guy at all, but he loves how it makes his skin feel, it doesn't smell girly or feel greasy and it is very simple to use.  He LOVES the plugs being in this cabinet as well because he can always have his razors charging without having to be out on the counter.
Here is the ceiling of our bathroom.  It is domed and has up-lighting that is really pretty.  I have the choice or turning on all the lights or just the up-lighting and the chandelier.  That is the way I like to have it when I take a bath...super relaxing!
I LOVE a sparkly chandelier in the bathroom!!

Paint: Behr Southern Breeze with brown glaze rubbed over
Bath Mats: Ikea
Knobs: Glass knobs from Hobby Lobby
Chandelier: Find it HERE for only $108.55...such a steal!!
TIP: I didn't like the builder mirrors that were offered to us so I asked for a credit and bought these RH mirrors that I LOVE and actually saved money!  Builders always charge a TON for their design center stuff so ask if they can credit you and go get what you really want.  We did that with a lot of our lighting as well!

Hope you enjoyed the tour...
Please comment below if you have any questions!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Cupcakes & Crowns-Avery's Big Girl Room Art

I finished Avery's fireplace tufted headboard and now it was time to work on the art for behind her nightstands.  I wanted to flank each side of the bed with 2 framed art prints.  Here is what the room looked like before...

I didn't want the pink door there because it was too much chippy next to the new headboard.  I like to mix shabby and elegant.  I am so picky when it comes to art so after a lot of looking I decided to create my own art prints for Avery's big girl room.

I went to Michaels today and they are having a buy one get one free frame sale so I bought my favorite gilded beaded frames.  I needed 4 (2 for each side of the bed) and only paid for 2!  I LOVE that!!
I love the frames I bough BUT they have 2 hooks on the back which I think makes it really hard to a little trick I use is to tie a string between the 2 hooks...then it is super easy to hang! See photo below....(this will save you so much time & headache)

Avery loves crowns and she loves it was the perfect choice for her art!

I loved these when I found them...I tweaked the color and texture a little and they were all ready!

Now I wanted a fun background.  I used pink polkadot scrapbook paper for 2 of the prints and some of the burlap fabric I am using in her pillows.  
Here is a picture of the burlap fabric....I LOVE it!  It is $14.99 a yard, but HERE is a coupon for 40% off.

Here are the art prints all put together...

And here is what they look like on the wall!

(info on lamps HERE)

This side of her room is pretty much complete with the exception of 2 Euro burlap pillows I want to make for the bed.  Time to start on the other side :)

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Family Vacation Part 2

Here is Part 2 of our can check out Part 1 HERE. 

Day 4 we headed to Belize.
The ship stopped way out in the ocean and we had to take a 20 minute ferry ride from the boat to Belize.  It was so beautiful and Avery loved the boat ride!
View of our cruise ship from the ferry.  Look at that amazing water!
she would not look at the camera...this was the best shot!

The Belize beaches were not very pretty or made for kids.  It was much better for snorkeling, scuba diving, etc so this day we just took the boat ride, explored the town a little and did some shopping.
Here was a funny bar on the port that said "Husband Day Care".  Geoff and my step-dad enjoyed a beer here while Grammy, Avery and I shopped.
 Boat ride back to our ship

she was wiped out and slept most of the ferry ride back
 After a nice long nap we got ready for dinner and the evening.

Being silly!

 this kid loves limes!

Day 5: Cozumel, Mexico
This was the most fun stop because the weather was beautiful and we went to a really fun place called Playa Mia.  It was great for all ages.  There were lots of pools, a kid pool with tons of slides, etc, large slides for the bigger kids and adults, a beautiful beach, buffet, drinks, swim up bar and a really cool floating activity center in the water with slides, trampolines, etc.  It was perfect for the whole family of all ages!
Our cruise offered an excursion here, but it was double the price of just taking a taxi and buying tickets at the gate so that is what we did.
Here is an overview shot of Playa Mia that I got off of the internet.
 photo of the kid pool and big slides
floating activity center called the Iceberg
Avery and Daddy building more sand castles
 playing in the sand
 this was a great way to keep an eye on her :)
 Where is Avery??
 Fun in the kid pool

 a little shopping on our way out...
After we left Playa Mia you guessed it...another nice nap!  Then we cleaned up for Formal night on the ship.  Here is Avery and cousin Nicholas.
 3 generations

Last Day: At Sea

More pool time after breakfast...
 she attempted Ice Skating for the first time after her nap....not sure it went so well.  Great workout for Daddy!
 Being silly before dinner
After dinner on the last night the whole family went to Karaoke.  It was so much fun.  The talent was terrible, screeching, "unique", but that made it even more fun.  There were lots of kids singing and Avery begged to sing.  I was for sure she would get up there and chicken out, but she did so great!  She went up there with Geoff and sang her ABC's.  She was so excited and we were so proud of her.  Then all the kids danced around to all the other singers.  It was really a perfect ending to a fun trip.
After a fun filled trip we headed back on the 5 hour drive from Galveston.  Being gone was a blast, but it is nice to be home.  We have been traveling a lot the last month.  Next up....The Hargrove Family Reunion in Oklahoma!

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