Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My House of Hargrove-Master Closet

So far we have toured the Master Bath & Master Bedroom so now it is time for the Master Closet.

When you walk into our closet my stuff is on the left and Geoff's is on the right...lets be honest, its cliche BUT Geoff's side is very small.  He just doesn't have much stuff.

I got this hutch at Ikea and LOVE it for all of my products, etc. When we built the closet I had them make a spot just for it. From my Neimans Beauty Buying office days I have TONS of product, BUT I truly only use Rodan+Fields because it is what works for me.  I just cannot part with these products though so every now and then I use them.  I like to have them all displayed so I can see what I have.

My clothes don't look super organized, BUT I know exactly where everything is.

I keep my hair headbands, head scarfs, belts, etc in these drawers.

These shelves have my handbags...I LOVE hand bags, and my necklaces hang on hooks between my bags and shoes so I can see everything.

My accessory view.  Products, bags, jewelry, hats, shoes, totes, etc.

I love having built in drawers in my closet! 

This is our engagement picture that everyone signed at our wedding.  This sits on top of one of the built in dressers we have in the closet.

I got this jewelry organizer at Hobby Lobby for $15.  I love it!  I hang the earrings & bracelets I wear the most on it.

This is toward the back of our closet.  I hang my jackets and dresses back here.

This is Geoff's side.  He has 3 hanging rods, shelves and a full chest of drawers....it is plenty for him.

If we build a farmhouse I want a chandelier in our closet and built-ins for my shoes.  I would also love an island in the middle of the closet.  I think those are so pretty!
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Halloween Costume Ideas

I LOVE Halloween!!
I look forward to it every year!  First, I LOVE the Fall....by far my favorite season.  I love the smells, colors, weather, family time, start of the holiday season, etc.
I have always loved make-up, glitter, dressing up and theme parties so Halloween is all of that!

I know it is still 3 months away, but time to start thinking about costumes for this year.  Every year my Mom and I make Avery's Halloween costume.  I love girly costumes with tutus so this year will be no different.  Geoff & I don't fully dress up, but like to add a little something to go with the theme.
Here are some of Avery's past costumes:

14 months old: Peacock Princess
click HERE for details on costume

I had teal eye shadow with glitter and a peacock feather in my hair.  Geoff clipped a peacock feather to his shirt.   Super simple and comfy :)

2 years old: Minnie Mouse
click HERE for details on this costume
Avery LOVES Minnie Mouse so it was the perfect fit!  Geoff & I just wore mouse ears...again, super simple!

SO....this year time to get inspired!
I will either be hugely pregnant (my due date is Nov 2), going into labor on Halloween (fingers crossed NO) or have a brand new baby!  Whatever the case (besides the labor scenario) we are NOT missing trick-or-treating!!  We get together with friends every year and I just LOVE it.  I think we will host at our house this year just in case labor does happen...then our friends can take Avery!
Here are pics of the kids from some of the last years:


Here are some of the ideas I am loving right now:

These are just too funny not to share, but not something we will be doing.

So, once we decide what we are doing I will do a tutorial on the costume!  Decisions, decision!  Have yall decided what you are doing this year?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Lamp Love

I did this post on Tuesday, BUT it is the thing I am LOVING right now.  The new lighting has made a huge difference in our living room so I thought I would share it as my Friday Favorite!

I love lighting.  I have lamps all over my house!
I have been wanting a floor lamp for behind out sofa in the living room and today was the day.
I found one at Target that I really liked.
I bought the one in the middle...the 
for $69.99

Here it is in our living room:

So it was cute, BUT I wanted to add a little something extra to it!
So it went from this....to this!

Here is how you can do it too for around $80

What you will need:
       Target Lamp: $69.99
       Trim from Joann Fabric: $7.18
            $3.99 a yard (need 3 yards) and I used a 40 % off coupon HERE  
       Hot Glue
       Transfer Paper-you can get this at Walmart

To start I bought 3 yards of this trim from Joann Fabrics.  It was crisp white and I wanted it to be a little darker so I coffee stained it.
I also did this to a bed skirt I got at Walmart...check that post out HERE.

I made a batch of coffee (8 cups with 5 large scoops of coffee) and then put the white trim in the coffee for about a minute.  You can leave longer to make the color darker.

Then, remove the trim from the coffee, rinse it under the sink, dry and light iron if needed.  This gives just the right amount of color so it looks aged.  Now that the trim was ready I hot glued it in 2 layers to the bottom of the lamp shade.

Now, its time for the transfer...
I do transfers for pillows, lamp shades, etc all the time and I love it!  I will say that the lamp shade that came with this lamp is plastic on the inside.  This is NOT the best kind of shade to do this too.  For me it was fine because I don't mind crinkles in my shade...to me it looks older and vintage!  If this bothers you then I would get a different shade that has fabric lining in the inside of the shade...with that there will be no crinkling at all.

I use this transfer paper:

Then I looked online for an image that I liked.  There are TONS of options! The Graphics Fairy is a great place to find some. 
Here is the one I chose.  Once you find an image you like make sure to flip it so when it transfers it is the right way.  I put mine in Powerpoint and then printed on the transfer paper.

Here is the one I used.  You can print this image and use it as well.

Once you print out the image cut it out and tape it to the shade so it doesn't move when you iron over it.

Once you have ironed all over the transfer carefully remove the paper.  Like I mentioned since this is a plastic the iron will cause the shade to crinkle.  For me this just adds character.  Here is the final product!

I LOVE the way it turned out.  It is just what we needed in the living room!

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