Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lets go Shopping!

I love shopping and finding good deals.  I am constantly out running through different stores so I am going to bring you with me on my shopping trip and share some of the goodies I found!
As I was shopping today I was posting all my finds on Instagram and Twitter so you could shop along with me LIVE.  Here is a recap of my finds.

I LOVE Home Goods.  Walking through here just makes me happy.  I have found so so many amazing things at this store, but you do have to go often because it is hit or miss.
Check out some of the amazing items I found today at my Mckinney store.

OMG...I died when I found this!  I LOVE old scales and this replica was amazing!  It was $39.99.  Unfortunately, I have no red in my kitchen area and this just wouldn't go.  I am dying for one in green, blue, pink, white, pretty much any color but red.  It was funny though after I posted this on Instagram one of my friends texted me and asked me to pick this up for her so this one now has a happy owner :)
 I love this clock.  It was cuter in person, but the size was pretty big and it was very farmhouse/rustic!  It was $49.99 and very heavy.
 These pillows were too cute!  The large grain sack Euro pillow was only $19.99!  They had it in Blue (shown), black, red and tan!  The Mr & Mrs pillow was down filled, came in black or grey and was only $14.99!
 This was perfect just in time for the 4th of July.  It was a rustic, distressed wooden wall art piece by Lane for $79.99.  I would love this on a farmhouse porch!
 This was the perfect thing for me!  I LOVE making lists (which is funny because the last time I was at Homegoods shopping I found another notebook that I had to have that said "I love lists".  You can see it HERE....precious!) and I am forever looking for a pen, but this notebook actually has a spot to hold a pen!  So cute and only $2.99!
Sometimes Homegoods has really random items for sale and this shopping trip was no different.  They had a huge London inspired telephone booth in the store for $2,000!!  I decided to pass on this one :)
After my shopping trip I got a nice note on Twitter from Homegoods thanking me for shopping with them!  Perfect end to my shopping trip!

I love barn doors!  I have a sliding barn door in my game room and it is one of my favorite things.  When I saw this amazing media screen from Pottery Barn I fell in love.  Check it out HERE.

Colorful plastic mason jar tumblers with adorable striped straws...YES please!!  I bought these in every color and they are only $4.95!!
They have many styles in store and now sell extra straws separately.  You can also find them online HERE

I LOVE mason jars!  I use them in everything...vases, storage, dishes, etc.  Above I mentioned my favorite Mason Jar Tumblers from Walmart for only $5!  I use them all the time and Avery always asks if she can use them....well NOW I found some just for her for ONLY $1!!!
Check out how cute these are!  They come in 4 colors with silly straws...perfect for kiddos!  
Great price...check
Here is my Walmart Mason jar and Avery's Dollar Tree Mason Jar
Avery loving her new cup!!

I wish I would have knows about Kid to Kid when Avery was born! It is an amazing resale store here in McKinney.  They are all over the US and re-sell adorable clothes for amazing prices.  I bought 7 things here last month and today I got 3 more great deals.  They are constantly getting new items so it is fun to go in a bunch!  I don't think it is possible to leave empty handed because the prices are soooo good!  Here is what I found today.

All 3 of these items were brand new with original tags on them!!

  • Pink and red striped cardigan with cute little rosettes on it from Children's Place for only $4.99
  • Colorful velour striped hoodie from Baby Gap.  Perfect for winter and only $6.99
  • Grey and white striped Baby Gap outfit for Braden only $4.99


After shopping today I went for a mani/pedi and thought I would share my favorite "go to" summer shades with you.

Toenail color: Style Hunter
Fingernail color: Adore-a-ball

Thanks for shopping along with me today!  Hope you found some things you love too!  Looking forward to our next shopping trip!

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