Monday, July 14, 2014

LeAnn & Eddie

I have always been a LeAnn Rimes music fan.  I think she has the most amazing voice ever!
Her song "How do I Live" was my first boyfriend and my song and I danced to another one of her songs at my wedding. She is so so talented!

Anyway, my friends Chrissy and Rendee are her best friends.   They call each other sisters.  Chrissy and I worked together in my Neimans Buying office days and Rendee is Chrissy's sister.  They are the best and so so funny.  Well, not sure if you have heard, BUT LeAnn & Eddie have a new reality show coming out on Thursday AND CHRISSY & RENDEE ARE ON IT!

I am so excited for them!  Will be hilarious to see them on TV.
It starts Thurs. July 19 at 9:30c

I watched the first episode online and it was really funny.  They address all the "elephants in the room", the cheating, rumors, etc.  I think they do a good job.  Anyway, I think yall should check it out!

I had the privelege of meeting LeAnn a couple months ago at her home in California.  Her friend Kiki launched her Rodan+Fields business and I flew up there to help with the party.  Kiki, Chrissy and Rendee are all on my RF team and swear by the products.  
LEANN is a Rodan+Fields product lover (which says something since she has access to EVERYTHING on the market)

Anyway, I have nothing, but amazing things to say about LeAnn and Eddie.  They were the nicest, most welcoming, down to earth people and it was an amazing 2 days.  I got to stay at her beautiful home, hang out, etc.  Such a great experience.
Here are 2 pictures from the party at LeAnn's home:

I definitely had some firsts on this being chased and photographed by Paparazzi on the way to lunch??!!!  Hilarious!

I would HATE being famous like that, but it was s funny moment for me.  I turned the camera on the Paparazzi and took a photo of him taking a picture of us.  HAHA, take that Paparazzi :)

Check out the show when you get a to hear what you think!

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