Thursday, February 28, 2013

You light up my life

I have had a lighting obsession lately!  I just cannot get enough of unique lighting, but it is normally so expensive BUT I just found the most amazing company that offers beautiful lighting for amazing prices!!
Check out some of my favorites!!

Pullman Light Fixtures
3 lights $169
4 lights $219
*Available in both chrome and rubbed bronze

Springfield Linen Shade Bath Light
Beautiful Burlap shades
2 shades  $119
4 shades  $209

*comes in 3 colors

*comes in large and small


Small $189
Medium $199
Large $229



Small $349
Large $399



*comes in all letters

Small $69
Large $99
*Comes in 4 colors

*Comes in 6 colors

There are even more amazing choices online...I couldn't post them all here.  Be sure to check them all can thank me later =)

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project Sean Lowe

A group of friends and I have had Bachelor TV night for years now.  We got together every Monday, watched, commented, you know the drill.  Well we fell in love with Sean during Emily's season.  He was just so sweet and from our home town!!
Flash forward 6 months and now he is the Bachelor and I found out he loves furniture and in fact co-owns a furniture store in Forney called The Factory Girl.  WHAT??!!  Really?  Could this guy be any more amazing?
Seems so genuine, a family man, loves kids, etc (and did I mention furniture!!) :)
So what started out as a joke at a party saying that I wanted Sean to visit my House of Hargrove Facebook page and leave a comment has now become a goal.
Dream big right!!??

I mean, even my husband loves him!
So hear goes nothing!!

I have put it out in the universe and we shall see what happens!
Stay tuned.....

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