Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Great Chandelier Debate

Monday I posted a photo on Facebook asking for your opinions on some chandeliers.
I want to change out the lighting over our kitchen island from 3 lanterns to 2 chandeliers (these 3 lanterns will be for sale on our FB page). 
Here is a picture of our kitchen:
I have been struggling with which chandeliers I like best.  I have it narrowed down to 4!
If we ever build my dream farmhouse I know exactly what I want…I want a white kitchen with crystal chandeliers for sure...something like this:

BUT for now….I want chandeliers in my dark kitchen.

Here are the final 4:
Here were the final votes on Facebook:
Choice #1     6
Choice #2     1
Choice #3     6
Choice #4     8 

I LOVE the Restoration Hardware (#4) one, it was your favorite too (you have expensive taste :) )BUT It is like 5 times as expensive as the others and I need 2!  So…prob not going with that one, but it was a good inspiration to work with.
Here is the info on the choices above:
  1. AMAZON    Maria Theresa 6 Light Chandelier      $228      23"W x 25"H
  2. GALLERY 803   19th C. Rococo Iron & Crystal Chandelier Lighting  18 Lights  $558  30"W x 28"H
  3. GALLERY 803   19th C. Rococo Iron & Crystal Chandelier Lighting 6 lights   $246    26"W x 25.5"H
  4. RESTORATION HARDWARE  19th C Rococo Iron & Crystal Chandlelier Medium 12 lights      on Sale for $895 (typically $1495)   26"W x 25"H 

So, since I am NOT going to spend several thousand on this project, that narrows it down to 
-solid crystal (#1) 
-iron with crystal  (#2/3).  
Yall had split votes on these 2 as well so looks like you are as torn as I am. 

I LOVE this crystal chandelier as I have it in 2 other rooms in my house…Office and Nursery.  
It is a great price too.

BUT here are 2 other options that look more like the Restoration Hardware chandelier.  They are cheaper than the RH one and luckily yall liked the less expensive of these two. This is great news!!

So....comparing your 2 favorites that are more affordable we get narrowed down to these 2:

I did renderings of my kitchen with the Crystal one and the RH one (this will give an idea of what it will look like with Iron & Crystal).  Here they are:

SO....what do you think???!!!

Love to hear your opinions in the comments below!

Here are some more inspiration pics to give you some ideas:

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