Monday, July 28, 2014

Halloween Costume Ideas

I LOVE Halloween!!
I look forward to it every year!  First, I LOVE the far my favorite season.  I love the smells, colors, weather, family time, start of the holiday season, etc.
I have always loved make-up, glitter, dressing up and theme parties so Halloween is all of that!

I know it is still 3 months away, but time to start thinking about costumes for this year.  Every year my Mom and I make Avery's Halloween costume.  I love girly costumes with tutus so this year will be no different.  Geoff & I don't fully dress up, but like to add a little something to go with the theme.
Here are some of Avery's past costumes:

14 months old: Peacock Princess
click HERE for details on costume

I had teal eye shadow with glitter and a peacock feather in my hair.  Geoff clipped a peacock feather to his shirt.   Super simple and comfy :)

2 years old: Minnie Mouse
click HERE for details on this costume
Avery LOVES Minnie Mouse so it was the perfect fit!  Geoff & I just wore mouse ears...again, super simple!

SO....this year time to get inspired!
I will either be hugely pregnant (my due date is Nov 2), going into labor on Halloween (fingers crossed NO) or have a brand new baby!  Whatever the case (besides the labor scenario) we are NOT missing trick-or-treating!!  We get together with friends every year and I just LOVE it.  I think we will host at our house this year just in case labor does happen...then our friends can take Avery!
Here are pics of the kids from some of the last years:


Here are some of the ideas I am loving right now:

These are just too funny not to share, but not something we will be doing.

So, once we decide what we are doing I will do a tutorial on the costume!  Decisions, decision!  Have yall decided what you are doing this year?

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