Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Family Vacation Part 1

Last week we went on an amazing vacation with my Mom, Step-dad, Step-brother and family and Step-sister and her family.  
We left on 6/14 and got home 6/22.  
It was a nice long vacation, but I did come home to 47 loads of laundry :)
We went on a Royal Carribean Cruise to Roatan, Honduras, Belize and Cozumel.

We drove to Gavelston on Sat 6/14 to meet up with all the family.  We went and had dinner at Gringos Mexican restaurant.  It was fun for Avery to see her cousins.  She loves kids and had a blast.

Starting vacation off right with some yummy ice cream!
The next day we left to head to the cruise ship.  Avery went on her first cruise when she was 20 months with my family to Bermuda, but I was really excited for this one because I knew she would remember it so much more.  She had been talking about building sand castles for about 2 weeks!

Here we are on the first day!  Avery couldn't get over that we were actually floating on the ocean!  It was pretty funny.

 I promise he is not trying to throw her overboard even though she looks terrified in this picture!  She was actually laughing at her hair blowing in the wind like crazy.

The first 2 days were "At Sea" so we spent pretty much every day doing the following: breakfast, going to the pool, taking a 2 hour nap, lunch, touring the ship, dinner, show, some activities, bed.

Here is Avery the 2nd day of the cruise in the pool.  We spent a lot of time here!  She loves the water and we were working on putting her swim lessons to the test!
 This was the best one we could get.  The sun was too bright for her to look up.

 Really MOM....another picture?

Day 2-At Sea again

Back to the pool
 Geoff and I watching The Muppets on the cruise deck after dinner with Miss A
 Miss A being silly while watching The Muppets
 Being silly with Daddy...
 sweet big sister giving Braden some love.
 Silly girls

Day 3: Roatan, Honduras

We arrived in Roatan, but the weather wasn't the best.  We had lots of "liquid sunshine" aka....rain!  Bummer!  Oh well, nothing was stopping us from going to the beach.  Miss A was dying to build some sand castles!
 Playing in the sand...We buried her and gave her a mermaid tail
 Beach Bum
 Burying Grammy
 Having fun with Uncle Tony, Louisa and Nicholas

After a fun day at the beach we went back to the ship, got cleaned up, napped and headed to dinner.
 she had so much fun with her cousins.  This night the Texas Tenors performed for the show and I must say they were AMAZING!!!  They won America's Got Talent a few years ago and WOW!  Just incredible!  The kids loved it!  Avery loves anything with music and dancing.

 giving Braden more love...she cannot wait to meet him!  She will be an amazing big sister.

Tomorrow I will go over the rest of the trip.  Belize and Cozumel were so much fun!


  1. You all are so photogenic! Lovely family memories -- I especially love the photos of the belly kisses. Too sweet. :) -- (comment by 'Ailina, formerly "Alice Rose" (before our move was public))