Thursday, June 12, 2014

Avery's Pink Tufted Mantle Headboard

I am in the process of working on Avery's "big girl room".  I hope to have this complete by the end of the summer so I will be blogging all the updates.

I wanted her to have a unique headboard.  I love tufting, pink and mantles SO...when I found this amazing fireplace mantle I knew it was meant to be!!  It was exactly what I wanted!
I have linked up at Love of Family & Home BLOG with this project.

I sanded it down a bit, added some glaze and sealant to make sure to get all the flaky paint sealed and gave it a good cleaning!!!
Now it was time to start tufting it!  I have a tufted mantle headboard in my guest room and I love it!

  1. FABRIC:  I used a canvas drop cloth from Lowes.  These are the best because they look so good, are durable, huge and super cheap!  This one is only $10.98 and I still had a lot left over.  Wash it before you use it.
  2. BOARD:  Measure the back opening of the mantle with about an inch extra on each side so you can attach it.  I bought a board at Home Depot for $14.97 and had it cut.  Here is the barcode for what I bought and a photo of the cut board.

3.  FOAM: This stuff is really expensive so I bought a mattress topper instead.  It works perfectly!  It is a much larger size and so much cheaper.  I bought the full size      one for $24 at Walmart.  Get one HERE.

    4.  PROCESS: 
  • cut the foam down to size and lay the textured side down on the board.  Next you take your fabric and lay it over the board and use a staple gun to attach it all around the board.  Pull the fabric super tight so there is no puckering.

  • After you have the fabric on the board you need to decide where you want your buttons to go.  I laid them out on the board and eyeballed the way I wanted it.  Then I put a sharpie dot where I wanted them to go so I knew where to drill the holes.
  • Next, drill holes where your dots are.  This is where you will pull the buttons through.

  • Now we need to talk about how to make Fabric covered buttons!
I bought a button kit at Hobby Lobby for less than $5.  It has everything you need to do this (except the fabric)  Here is what it looks like.  It comes with 3 buttons (you can buy extra of these because you will want more buttons for the tufting...I bought 12), a blue piece that helps push the button back on, and a white piece that you lay the fabric over and push the button into.
Here is a step-by step on how to make the fabric buttons:

Here is the final product...
  • Now that you have the buttons complete it is time to add them to the fabric covered board that you have completed.  
  • Tie super strong thread (I used twine) to the back of the buttons (they all have little metal loops) and leave a long string.  
  • Then get a crochet needle and use this to pull the string through the holes you drilled into your fabric cover board.  This is what it will look like from the back once you pull them through all the holes.
  • Now it is time to tighten everything.  Push the front of the buttons down as hard as you can in the foam so it creates a puckering in the foam and pull the string from the back super tight and staple it down.  I stapled the string on the back side and then knotted it around the staple to make sure it was super secure.  Do this to each button and it will create a tufted look! Here is a close up of the back...not very pretty from this side, but it works.

  • Here is a view from the other side once you have completed this process.
  • Now it is time to attach it to the actual mantle.  Lay this board on the back of the mantle and screw it in at the sides.  This is why you make the board about an inch wider on each side so there is room to attach it.  Here is what it will look like from the back.
Now it was just time to attach it to the wall!  Find the studs!!!  This is heavy!  Then you just screw the mantle directly into the studs above the bed and you are all set.
Here is what it looks like in Avery's room!
I love the way it turned out!!
I still have lots to do in this room.  The pink door behind the nightstand is going to a different spot.  I love the way the lamps turned out.  You can read about that HERE.

My nightstands were old washstands that I completely redid.  Here is the before and after...
I will keep you posted as I finish the rest of the transformation.
This will be a busy summer with all my projects!
-Finish Avery's Big Girl Room
-Change current Guest Room into Playroom!

Stay tuned....


  1. I love the way the headboard turned out.....thanks for giving me ideas for my own mantle headboard!!!

  2. I love this project so much! I have been looking for a mantle to use for a queen size bed to do just this same thing. Great job!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Really appreciate it!

  3. This is wonderful! Been looking for a mantle to fit a queen size bed...hard to come by.

  4. I really like this idea, you did a great job

    1. Thanks Erin! Appreciate you stopping by!

  5. That is an amazing idea!!! And it came out perfect!! Love the comforter!! Where did you find it??

    1. Thanks LIsa!! The comforter is the Shabby Chic collection from Target! Will be doing an entire blog post on Avery's big girl room soon and list all the items in it. Thanks for stopping by!