Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's a sign!

Life really can be so crazy cool.  
6 years ago Geoff and I moved to McKinney.  We lived off Lake Forest and 121 and there was a street we used to always pass named Avery.  We always knew if we had a little girl one day we wanted to name her Avery so it was fun to see the sign multiple times a week.  About 3 years after we moved into this neighborhood we got blessed with an amazing little girl....Avery!
Geoff and I kept saying we needed to get a photo in front of the sign with Avery when she got older.  We still hadn't done it yet and she is almost 3.
Anyway, we have since moved about 10 minutes away so we don't pass the sign as often as we used to.  So last week I drove by and decided to at least take a picture of the sign.  It was totally random, I had like 5 minutes before I had to pick Avery up from school so I pulled over really quick, took a fast Instagram photo and posted it on Facebook saying that I loved this sign, etc.  Here was my photo.

Here was my Facebook post...

Within 10 minutes of my post my friend Krista messaged me to tell me that they were changing out the signs on Lake Forest that day and taking down all the old signs??!!! Seriously?  What are the odds?  I have been meaning to take a picture of this sign for over 3 years now and this one random day that I decide to take it and post it on FB is the day they are changing the signs AND my friend Krista lives near by and knew that??!!  I mean crazy odds.  I should have bought a lottery ticket this day (although I feel like I won the lottery by the time I finish this story). 

After seeing this comment, I drove around the whole neighborhood looking for the city truck taking down the signs and NOTHING!  I couldn't find anyone :(.
All the signs had been changed out already so I thought I had missed my chance.
THEN...the next day at gymnastics (Krista's daughter Jovie and Avery take gymnastics together) Krista shows up with the most amazing surprise.......
She got it!  She was driving by the next day and randomly saw the truck, asked if they still had the sign and they gave it to her!!!!
It was meant to be. I truly cannot believe we own this sign!  I could always order one online, BUT this one had special meaning to us.  Avery LOVES it and is thrilled she has a sign with her name in her room.
I see my name on a sign face...
Huge thank you to Krista for making this happen!!

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  1. That's an amazing story. I can totally imagine your excitement! Something to treasure always, and a great story to go along with it. And Krista is an awesome friend. :)