Saturday, May 7, 2011

Barn Sale How to!

I cannot thank you all enough for helping to make the Barn Sales bigger and better each time!  As they continue to grow it is my main goal to make it a fun shopping experience for everyone and as fair as possible!

It is first come first serve and we don't do pre-sale so everything you see in the photos will be at the Barn Sale!

We are going to run it like "Black Friday"this time...
I prefer "Pink Saturday" =)

We will open the Barn at 10 and will have the check out set up outside. 
  • If there is a piece of furniture you want come to the line to pay for it.  Once it is paid for we will put sold on it and it is yours.
  • Every piece of furniture has a number on it.  When you check out please give us that number and we will cross it off the list (these numbers will be added to the photos on FB)
  • Once it is paid for we will move it outside and have people that can help load your car.  If you cannot take it on Saturday we can schedule another time for you to pick it up.
  • Large mirrors that cannot be carried will also need to be paid for upfront and once they are paid we will put a sold sign on them
  • Small accessories that can be carried and smaller mirrors that are hanging on the wall will go to whomever picks them up first
We just want to make sure that we are doing this the most fair way possible!  If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know

We take Cash, Check and Credit Card!!
See you at the sale.
Bring friends so you can divide and conquer
 (one can get in line to pay for the furniture that you want and the other can go grab accessories and decor!!)

We will have so many great things at this sale including 5 autographed copies of Flea Market Magazine.  Ki Nassauer, Editor and Chief of the magazine, wrote sweet notes in them.  This is the best many great ideas!
***All Sales are final***

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