Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ruffles with a side of coffee

I have always loved being inspired by top of the line/expensive things and then finding a way to do it for less.  That has been my passion, what drives me and the inspiration behind House of Hargrove (also great for my marriage :) ).
Every now and then you find that piece that you just have to splurge on, BUT most of the time you can find a way to get the "look for less".

This brings me to the ruffled bed skirt... 
 I have been dying for one, but the prices I was finding were $175-250+ and I was NOT going to pay that for a bed skirt.  I love POM POM bedding, but not the prices.  

Can be found HERE

Pom Pom bedding can be found HERE

So....I went on the hunt for a knockoff.
I was shocked when I found the winner at Walmart!!
It is only $33.47!!!  It was not linen, but for that price I knew I could make it work.
Here she is:
Greenland Multi Ruffle Bed Skirt found HERE and HERE.

Now, I didn't want it to be white so I decided to try coffee staining for the first time.  I had nothing to loose!  I don't know that I did this the perfect way, but it worked for me.  Since there was a lot of fabric I filled my utility sink until all of the fabric was covered in water.  Then I ended up making 36 cups of coffee (3 batches)!  I used about 3/4 of a new container of Folgers Decaf Coffee.   I poured all 36 cups in the sink with the water and stirred it all up.  I let the fabric soak over night.
I had no idea what to expect, but I was really excited when I saw what I saw!
Here is the result (still soaking wet here):

I thought it was a great color and really looked antique.  I then put it in the washer on the rinse/spin cycle (no soap).  This helped get any coffee grains off.  Then I dried it and put it on the bed!

I think it made a huge difference in my guest room.

I also added some new pillows I had in another room and added some new decor to the wall.  I have big plans for this room and it is definitely in the "working stages".  I want some chippy chests as the side tables.  
Something like this:

I also will be using a fireplace mantel as a headboard.  I want to fill the middle with linen and tuft it.
 Something like this:

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates to the room.

BTW the room smells so good!!  It looks inviting and smells like coffee....perfect for a house guest!


  1. I've just discovered an old coffee stain on my suede bag and i cant seem to get it out, I've tried steaming the bag but that didn't work. Any ideas?
    led downlights

  2. Oh i have no idea. I would take it to the cleaners and see if they can do anything. Good luck!