Saturday, July 23, 2011

A buffet of antique buffets

Buffets are by far my most popular pieces!  They are perfect for so many places in the home which is why they are so popular!  I work really hard to be able to offer these at amazing prices. It is hard for me to find them priced low enough to keep my prices so...I don't have them very often!  Well, this has been my lucky month!  
I have several amazing pieces to offer!!

They can be used in entryways, as changing tables, in a dining room, a media stand and they also make great sink vanities.  

***Here are the beautiful ones we currently have in stock!***

These are located at the barn and can be viewed by appointment.  Let me know if you would like to set up a time to see them!!
Antique Distressed Black Buffet $500
60" wide, 21" deep, 42" tall

Adorable White Shabby Chic Buffet $450
48" wide, 18" deep, 35" tall (37" tall with back trim piece)

Antique Distressed Black Buffet $500
54" wide, 20" deep, 37" tall (41" tall with back trim piece)

Antique Distressed Robin Egg Blue Buffet $450
50" wide, 19" deep, 36" tall

Shabby Chic with dark top Buffet $350
50" wide, 18" deep, 36" tall

This Buffet is located at the Frisco store and can be viewed anytime!

Shabby Chic with black distressed top Buffet $450
60" wide, 19" deep, 38" tall

Be the first to get them before they are gone!!


  1. Wow - lots of great pieces! I bet you sell them all FAST!

  2. A buffet of antique buffets..haha:)these look great..
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