Monday, June 18, 2012

My House of Hargrove take 2

Wow, this month has been a whirlwind!  
Sorry I have been so MIA...moving is no fun!  
We are finally in and getting settled.  Unpacking with a 9 month old has been quite an experience...everything I own seems dangerous when I look at it from a mom's point of view...and the more dangerous...the more Avery was drawn to it!  So...unpacking took much longer this round =).
There is still tons to be done, but things are starting to take are some very early pics of a couple rooms.  As I continue to tweak things I will update photos on the blog.  You have all been so kind and sent such sweet messages! There have been lots of requests for pics so here are a few....


Table and chairs: House of Hargrove
Drapes: my mom made them for me <3

Mirror: antique piece that has been in our family for a long time...
it was my Mimi's

I still need to add roman shades to the windows...I have the swatches just need to get them made.
I also have ordered a rug for in front of the doors...just waiting for it to arrive!  I fell in love with it!  Here it is...Its from Ballard Designs and only $59 for the runner!!!
I also found this matching fabric at Hobby Lobby!!!  Its PERFECT!  I will be making pillows to match for the living room!!


I searched everywhere to find patio furniture that I loved for a good price!!  I fell in love with the Amalfi group from Ballard Designs, but didn't want to pay those prices.
I found a very close group from Walmart!!!  It is called the Hillcrest collection and it is perfect!  The fabric is really good quality...hard to tell from the pic, but the green fabric is actually quilted!  The 4 piece set was only $448!  That was the price of 1 Amalfi chair from Ballard Designs!

Furniture: Walmart Hillcrest collection
Rug: Ballard Designs

Here is the set...I really want a longer sofa piece where I currently have the loveseat.  Once the Amalfi set goes on sale I plan on buying the sofa and combining it with the other group!  The black and white damask pillows are from Garden Ridge!  That is an amazing place for outdoor pillows!  These were $9.99!!  Outdoor stuff is usually very expensive so I was thrilled to find these!  The vine pillows came with the Walmart set.  When I get the Amalfi sofa it comes with tan cushions so I plan on replacing them with box cushions from garden ridge in the same black and white damask pattern!  The large box cushions are only $19.99 at Garden ridge!!  I love a black, white and green patio!

This 8x10 Quatrefoil rug from Ballard Designs 
was only $199!
I think it really helped bring the space together.

The Amalfi sofa will go where this loveseat is...the loveseat is just too small for the space!  I wish this Walmart Hillcrest collection offered a plain sofa!  They have lots of other great pieces in the collection like a sectional, dining set and chaise lounge chairs!  We have big plans for the backyard...we will eventually be adding a pool, outdoor grill area and covered that time I plan on buying the other Hillcrest pieces!!!  You can see all of them HERE


Mirror: Restoration was a wedding present!

Fireplace mantle: House of Hargrove
Dining Table: Wisteria

The dining table search was a process!  I wanted a table that could seat 12 for when we have large family get togethers (I need to really work on my cooking skills for these...Pinterest is helping) problem is I didn't want the table to be that large all of the time and most I found didn't have leaves!  I fell in love with this table at Wisteria.  Fate helped me out and I found it at the Outlet for almost 70% off!!!  It was my lucky day!!!  I just love it!  It has 5 leaves so it works great for all different size dinner parties!
Finding this table posed a situation though...I only had 6 chairs!!!  No problem...I would just order more of the Pottery Barn nailhead chairs I had that I got for a wedding present 4 years ago right?!...WRONG!  They had been discontinued! =(
Here are the chairs I had from Pottery Barn
So now I was on the hunt for similar chairs that didn't cost an arm and a leg!!  I didn't need them to match perfectly...I kind of liked the idea of them being a little different, but still in the same family.  I needed 6 chairs so I could seat 12 when we had a large group!  I came across these French Side chairs from Home Decorators and they worked perfectly!!!

Buffet and Wall Art: House of Hargrove

Like I said there is still a ton to do so stay tuned for updates as things come together!! to do more work for the Barn Sale on Sat!! Hope to see you there!


  1. Why are your lights above your table so high up?

  2. Maybe she likes them that way. I like mine low but i think it's preference. Looks great!

  3. I have the very same Wisteria table, from their sale as well! What a providence to me as I'd fallen in love with this beautiful table, but my hubby had not fallen in love with the price tag!! Here's a question for you though. The table is NOT sealed...and will soak up spills, etc and not really come clean. I know I need to seal it ASAP...have you done anything to yours? I am terrified to serve wine, etc on it without coverage just now, but I want to be able to enjoy it without the covering. Any advice/tips are SO appreciated. Thanks!! (

  4. I used the same chandeliers that were in our old home and the ceiling were a lot lower there. The one in the dining room didn't have enough chain which is why it is so high, but I did end up liking it. Also with the ceilings being so much taller it looked funny when I had the chandelier the typical 32-36" above the table...looked like it was floating with a really, really long chain!! I played with the breakfast one a little and I thought this height looked the best. It is a personal preference...there is no right way!
    Thanks Jillian!!! You are sweet
    Tricia- I sent you an email!

  5. Elaine it looks beautiful! Congratulations to your family!

  6. Everything looks great! I just can't get over the fabric from Hobby Lobby that matches your rug! Hey, I'm doing a post for July events - are you having Barn Sale in July?