Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple Stencil Technique

We moved into our new home and although I LOVE it I am busy trying to add more character to it that you find in all those incredible historical homes!!
First, I wanted a fun pantry door!  I saw lots of ideas on different blogs...

I decided on an old 5 panel door with glass knob.  Then I wanted to paint Pantry on it.  
Here is the result!

Next I wanted to add our address number on the door that leads into the house from the garage.  I love the french number look.
photo from My Sweet Savannah

I found a really easy way to make this look happen. 
(I did the exact same thing for "Pantry") 

1.Print out what you want it to look like.  

2. For a light color door color the back of the print out with pencil lead all around what you printed out. (for dark color door use chalk instead of pencil lead).
3. Tape your print out to the door exactly how you want it to look when finished
4. Next trace back over what you printed.  This will put pressure on the numbers and leave an outline from the lead you drew on the back on the door.  It makes it soooo much easier to paint!  Its an easy stencil!!

5. Last just fill in what you traced. I used a Sharpie marker to fill in the lines.  You can use paint or whatever you like but I though Sharpie was the easiest and looked great!

You can use this trick to make a stencil with anything you want to paint on a wall, wood, furniture, etc.
ENJOY and get painting!! =)

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