Thursday, September 26, 2013

Minnie Mouse Costume

"M.I.C.K.E.Y   M.O.U.S.E  Its the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...
come inside there's fun inside"
That song is constantly stuck in my head because Avery (2) LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!  Who is her favorite character??....
Minnie Mouse.
So, it seemed appropriate that we make her a Minnie Mouse Costume for Halloween.

My mom "Grammy" is super talented and helps us make all kinds of fun things for Avery.  Last year she and I made Avery's Peacock costume.  You can read more about that HERE

So this year she came and helped us make Minnie Mouse!
We went to Hobby Lobby and got the following material:

2 yards of Red Tulle 
2 yards of Black Tulle 
Red Glitter Tulle
Black tank dress (used 40% off coupon)
1/4 yard white Felt
Minnie Mouse Ribbon
Red Polka Dot Ribbon
White small grosgrain ribbon
1/4 inch elastic

To make the tutu:
All you do is cut the elastic to the size you want for the waistband, cut the tulle (we cut it in strips that were 25" long and 4" wide) and tie the tulle on the elastic in 1 knot in the middle of the 25" so that its basically 2 pieces hanging off the elastic at 12.5" each.  Then we cut out circles in the white felt and used a glue gun to put them on the tutu.
Simple as that!  

To make the shirt:
All we needed to do was add a bow.  We used the red polka dot ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  Here is a good bow tutorial

We paired the top and tutu with black pants she had and some cute glitter shoes we already had.

To make the ears:
We ordered 3 pairs on Amazon here.  Both Geoff and I will also be wearing ears when we go trick or treating.  I like costumes where we can be part of the theme, but can be super wear ears only :)
We added bows to 2 of them so Avery and I will have Minnie Ears and Geoff will have Mickey Ears.

I am going to make her a Minnie Mouse trick or treat pumpkin bucket.  I will buy one of the cheap jack o lantern ones and paint it/add ears.  Once that is done I will add an update showing the end result.

What are your kids going as for Halloween?

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