Monday, April 28, 2014

Avery's Lamps

I am starting to work on Avery's "big girl" room.  I am having so much fun putting everything together.  Her nursery was all pink and brown, but her new room has more pops of color.  Of course it still has pink...both of our favorite color!
I have been searching for the perfect lamps for her nightstands and fell in LOVE with the Francis Lamp from Restoration Hardware. 
I love the burlap shade and the candlestick base, BUT I was not willing to pay these prices.  The base alone is $99 and the shade is $30.  So, since I am all about the look for less I found a similar lamp at Home Goods that was $29.99!!  I was not a fan of the shape of the shade that came with it so I got a different linen drum shade at Target from the Nate Berkus line.  It is on clearance for $12.50!!  YES!  That is much more like it!!
The right lamp was with the original shade and the left is with the new linen shade from Target!
So the picture above is not the is in my laundry room, but you can see what a difference the lamp shade shape makes.  The original looks a little dated to me, but the new one is perfection!
Here is a picture of my lamp and the Restoration Hardware inspiration lamp side by side....
My lamp ended up being $42.50 vs the RH one at $130.  I got both lamps for less than the price of the base at RH.  Don't get me wrong....I definitely think there are sometimes areas to splurge and I LOVE RH, however I think this lamp is close enough to get the look I wanted and now I have extra $$$ for other parts in her room.
Now, if these lamps were going in my room/living room, etc then I would be done with them, but since they are going in Avery's room I wanted them to have a little pop!
I was trying to decide between 2 flowers to add to the middle of the lamp shade; a dark pink one and a lighter pink one made of different material.
I posted this picture on Facebook and got yall's opinions and the majority agreed with what I was thinking....the dark pink flower was the one to go with!
This shows some of the fabrics I will be using in her room.  The darker pink flower really pulls out the pink in the fabrics.  I discovered magnet flowers and I just love them!  They sell several options at Hobby Lobby for $7.99!!  Then I used the 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby.  They really add a lot of interest to an other wide boring shade.  Here is another lamp shade that I used a tan magnet flower on.
I wanted a little extra bling on the flower so I bought a rhinestone button and glued it in the middle of the flower.  I also got the button at Hobby Lobby for $2.99.
They are super easy to attach, just put the magnet behind the shade and it sticks.  The best part is if you decide you no longer want the flower on there, or you want to change it you just take it damage to the shade at all!  I love versatile decorating!!
Here are the after pics of the lamp

I am so excited for the way the turned out.  Now, onto the rest of the room!  Next up... I will be turning this shabby pink fireplace mantle into her headboard.  Stay tuned....

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  1. Wow, what a great deal! It really does look like the Restoration version. You did a great job on finding a dupe.