Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Farmhouse Love

On my bucket list is to build a farmhouse one day.  Don't get me wrong I love our home, but it is not the dream home.  My dream home will consist of chippy barn wood everywhere, molding galore, planked floors and walls, farm lights on our huge porch, etc. 
We have been lucky enough to build our last two houses and I have caught a "building houses" bug.  Unfortunately this is a very expensive hobby :).
Although being creative and loving decorating has made me really happy in life and has allowed me to build a business around it, it can be a blessing and a curse! 
My mind is always designing, imagining, creating....even when I sleep.  I wake up many mornings and have designed something in my head that I have to go create. 
Anyway, as I dream about this future house I am busy designing it in my head and I thought I would share some of the ideas with you.
I love an exterior with a huge porch, gables, shingles, shutters, etc.
I am trying to decide if I like the porte-cochere or not?  I love the look but not sure if it is really practical?
I definitely want a weather vain somewhere on the garage.  I LOVE the way it looks.

This time I want lots of trees on our lot.  I just love trees!
 Love the wide stairs that lead up to the porch.  I want to be able to decorate them with pumpkins, etc in the fall.  Also, love the planters.  I also love all the windows around the door.
I love the style and the color of this door.
I love dutch doors and will have one somewhere in my farmhouse.
I want a chalkboard on my porch.  I think it is so inviting!
This kitchen is an amazing inspiration.  I want a white kitchen, hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers, chrome hardware and lots of molding.  I just LOVE this kitchen!!!

I think this silverware drawer is genius!!  I will definitely be doing this in the next house!!  I hate those plastic drawer dividers, they are never big enough for all my silverware.  This is the hardware I want on my cabinets.  I want file tab drawer pulls on all my drawers.
I love the look of old furniture pieces in bathrooms.  Here are a few examples.  I want to find all kinds of old pieces to put throughout the house.


I love this porch.  I want blue bead-board ceilings, transom windows above all my windows, French doors, farm lights,  and a huge farmhouse table for lots of entertaining.

 Love this farm table.
 Mason jar lights are amazing!!
Vintage string lights set the perfect mood outside.

I actually think we want an all one story house, but I love love love these stairs with the grain sack runner.  I may have to find a way to work this in somewhere.
I also want cabinets like this somewhere in the house.  I love chicken wire.

**All photos via Pinterest.  Follow House of Hargrove on Pinterest to see links to everything.  Located in the "New House" and "Beautiful Homes" albums**
Anyone out there live in a farmhouse?  I would love to see your pictures!

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