Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lets Go Shopping 10th Edition

Another week....another great shopping trip!
I love hearing about all the things yall were able to get after I shop live on Instagram!  I have even had Homegoods tell me that my followers call in and put the items on hold as soon as I post them!
This is so much fun!!

Here are some of the great finds this week:

This is a little different than I typically post BUT Mascara is my "1 beauty item I would have with me on a deserted island" go to!  I LOVE it!  I will leave the house without make up all the time but NOT without mascara.  To me it makes all the difference in the world!  Some people feel this way about their lipstick...I could definitely do without that as long as my lashes are covered.
Anyway, one of my sweet customers asked me to try out here Mascara line called Younique.  You may have heard of it....I have started seeing a lot of buzz about it lately.  I have used a TON of different mascaras throughout the years ( I used to be work in the Beauty Buying office at Neiman Marcus so we tried everything!).
This was very different from anything I had tried before. 
There are a few steps:
1st: put on a layer of the mascara you already use
2nd: apply a sealer mascara (comes in the Younique package)
3rd: apply the fibers (comes in Younique package)
lastly: put on one more coat of the sealer mascara

The fibers are really cool!  It looks like they are photo shopping in extra lashes as you use them!  I was impressed.  I was also impressed that as I wore it through the day they did not flake off on my cheeks.  I have used other fiber mascaras that did that and I didn't like it.
Anyway, overall I really liked the product.

If you are interested in trying for yourself you can get it HERE

Here are my before & after pics:
1st pic: left eye no mascara, right eye one coat of my mascara (I remembered to take my before pic after I had already done 1 eye...oops)
2nd pic: both eyes with one coat of my mascara
3rd pic: with the Younique mascara on. 
You can definitely see the difference....much more full, longer and darker!

Here is what I found at Homegoods:

I thought this sign was so cute! $19.99

This made me laugh out loud....any names come to mind when you read this?? $9.99
 Cute owl pillow $19.99
 LOVED all these dishes!  I host Thanksgiving at my house every year so these are awesome!  I loved how simple they were but yet still festive!  They would coordinate well with dishes you already have!  

LOVE LOVE LOVE these!  Both came home with me!  $49.99 each
 I know lots of people out there collect owls and these pillows were just too cute!  Loved the sequin feathers. $14.99
 This rack reminded me of the one I bought a few weeks ago for our butlers pantry.  $39.99
 Cute Cute Cute!  Only $3.99
  Amazing barstools $79.99

Here are the items that went home with me from Homegoods:
  Here is where I used one of the scales...for now

Here is the other one:

Here are some of my finds from Kohls:

These pretty sea glass ornaments would look so pretty in a bowl
$6.84 each

These metal letters were 70% off ONLY $11.99
 LOVE this farmhouse collection!  So many cute items!! 
Cow creamer $8.99 
Berry basket $16.99 
Egg holder $16.99 
Small bowls $5.99 
Milk jug $10.99 
Cork rooster jars $10.99
 Buy 1 get 1 half off although their sales change all the time!
 Larger picture of the collection

My Hobby Lobby Finds:

I love this burlap fabric!  Would look adorable on a pillow or with a piece cut out and framed for art!
$5.99 a yard plus coupon

These were in the floral department $9.99, $12.99, $19.99 but at the 50% off sale they would be amazing deals!
 love these urns $49.99 & $29.99...again wait til the 50% off sale!  Great deal then!!

Cannot wait to see what is out there next week!
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  1. Great finds! Do you remember if the white pitcher at Homegoods is big enough to use for kitchen utensils?

    1. Thanks Stacey! Yes it is. It would probably hold like 10 pieces?! It is not huge but definitely big enough for some. Thanks for stopping by!