Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tsu? What the heck is it and how will it work for you?!

If you have not heard of Tsu will soon.  It is a brand new social media site that will be exploding everywhere.  It is a genius biz model and I am so grateful that someone introduced me to Tsu. 

Have you ever received a thank you note from Facebook CEOs thanking you for making them rich?  NO???  Yeah, me neither, but that is what we are doing.  All of us are generating all the content on their sites and making them rich.  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc and will still use them (until they become obsolete), BUT I am totally thrilled with this new social media platform that I just joined.  

**Please note...I am in NO WAY affiliated with Tsu!  I spend lots of time trying, researching products, etc before I introduce them to my fans/followers.  If I find something I love, I want to share it with you...that is what I am doing today **

What is it??:  
It is called Tsu (pronounced Sue)
-It is a new FAIR social media site 
-It has learned from Facebook, Instagram, etc and taken the best of those sites and combined them into one

Why is it different??:
  • YOU own your content: do your know that right now every image you post on FB, IG, etc is owned by that site??!!  Legally they can take your childs photo and make $ off of it.
  • YOU get paid for your content: currently all of us are on these social media sites posting pics, statuses, commenting, liking and generating traffic for these sites.  Then the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world go to advertising groups and get paid billions for all the traffic on their site that WE are generating.  
The CEOs=$$$billions$$$   
The people creating all this traffic (US)=$0

Watch this video to see what I mean.  Steven Colbert explains it perfectly!

Basically we are employees that don't get paid?!

What Tsu has done is made it fair is take their profits and keep 10% for their efforts and distribute 90% to US!  This is great for them because it gets people excited to use their site, create great content, etc. and great for us because we make $ for the time we spend.
There are links on the side that show your "bank" (how much $ you are making) and your "family tree" (who is in your network)

What do you do on it??:
Exactly what you do now on Facebook.  The interface is very similar.  They also used Instagram technology so you can add filters, stickers, etc to all of your photos.  Oh...but you get paid for this activity that you are already doing.

How do you join??:
You have to be invited to join (just like Pinterest)

Here is an invite to join:

Then what:??
Now just share with your friends and build your network...just like you did when you joined Facebook.  You follow your friends, post,etc. 
**The other great thing**  
You get a % of the traffic all the people/friends you invite generate.
So you want to invite everyone you know because you want them signing up under your link.  It is totally FREE, they have to be invited to join, so they might as well be invited by YOU.

This site is on the ground floor, but like I mentioned you are going to be hearing a lot about it soon.  Lots of celebs are about to get on it so it will start blowing up!  

Get on it now...its FREE and you have nothing to lose?

2 articles were released today on this new on these links to learn even more!

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