Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Butlers Pantry & FREE printables!

Happy October 1st!

I LOVE Halloween.  I have always loved dressing up, costumes, decorating, etc.  It also is the first holiday kicking off my favorite time of year.  
I typically start decorating on this schedule:
Sept 1: Fall
Oct 1: Halloween (free printables below)
Nov 1: Thanksgiving 
Right after Thanksgiving: Christmas
This year I did Halloween a little earlier because I am so busy the first week of Oct.
Anyway, I wanted to do something fun in our butlers pantry and we are hosting a Halloween Trick-or-Treating party at our house this year so there will be lots of people over to see the decorations.

Although I love decorating I also love to do it at an amazing price..."the look for less" is my motto.
So, I headed off to Dollar Tree to get some cheap frames and went online to get some free art and turned my butler's pantry into a candy bar/potion/poison bar

I already had the canisters, on the left, the cake stand, black spider bowl and jars on the cake stand so there was no expense there.
I also already had the grey frame in the middle that I got at Kirklands for $9.99.
I bought the following:
Tootsie Rolls : $1 Dollar Store
Candy Corn: $1 Dollar Store
Black & Orange Candy: $1 Dollar Store
5 frames: $1 Dollar store ($5 total)
printed skull: $2.99 at Homegoods
Scrapbook paper: $0.30 each at Hobby Lobby
Grand Total:
less than $12!

I love decorating with scrapbook paper.  I think it is a really cheap way to add some pop to anything.  I use it in frames, art, placemats, etc.
I printed off some potion/poison labels that I found online and then just framed them in my $1 frames.
You can find most of the ones I used here.
I just copied the image and formatted it for the size I wanted in PowerPoint and then printed them.

Here are more photos of the details:

Here is another sneak peek of some of my decorating.  This is above my stove in the kitchen.  I like decorating with unusual things so I created several art prints that I use.
BELOW you can have them too for FREE!!

Just save these to your computer below, print, frame and enjoy!!
My Halloween gift to you!

I will be posting a full Halloween Home Tour later this week!

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  1. Love your creative use of scrapbook paper. Thanks for the free printables!