Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Let's go shopping 9th Edition

Another fun week of shopping and finding great deals!  This week I hit up Tuesday Morning in McKinney, Walmart & Target.  Check out these great finds....


These numbered boxes were so cool and only $4.99, $7.99 & $9.99

I love cloches and these shabby ones were adorable! $24.99, $19.99
 Organizing, small cubbies and numbers...yes please!  Love this for only $29.99

Once again, I am a sucker for anything with numbers!  I also LOVE white dishes...these were a win win.  $3.99-$5.99

It is hard for me not to buy everything on these shopping trips, but I have been doing a pretty good job resisting...however I had to take home this numbered pitcher that I saw!  I LOVE IT

I love Mora Clocks BUT they are $$$$$.  This Mora Clock inspired piece was awesome!  Love the hooks with card catalog labels too!  This would be amazing in a mudroom!  $129.99

Again, I love me some organizing and this adorable cubby in Robin Egg Blue caught my eye.  $59.99


You can really find some great pieces at Walmart sometimes and today was one of those days.  These braided jute placemats were great quality and would look so good on a Fall table!  Best part....ONLY $2.94!!  Gotta love that!
The other day I asked my daughter...."who does Mommy love?"
Her response: "Avery, Braden, Daddy, Homegoods & Target"
I think she nailed it!!  HAHA

I fell in love with these jute pumpkins!  I talked to the lady who worked there and she said they are just putting them out so all Targets should have them out this week.  Go get you some!
Large one $10, smaller one $6
you can also order them online HERE

Here is my home with the smaller one I purchased!
This old Victorian phone was awesome!  It is called a spooky phone bc it does make noise, cackle, etc BUT I might have to get it and take the batteries out!  $15

Yes, Braden is due on Nov 2, yes I am hosting a Halloween Trick or Treating Party at my house Oct 31....is this crazy??  Maybe BUT I love trick or treating and unless I am in labor I will be out with Avery on this night so...I figured I would host and if I go into labor my friends can be there to take over while we head to the hospital :)
I was thrilled to see this cute decor at Target for my Halloween party!  This precious garland is only $4!  I planned on making my own, but at this price I couldn't pass it up!

These burlap banners were a huge hit when I posted them on Instagram!  They are only $3 in the $ Spot at Target.  They are sold out everywhere so I did a giveaway last week and will be doing another one soon....stay tuned!  They are perfect decor and such an amazing price!!

Here is my burlap banner hanging in my home.

I showed you those Jute pumpkins above, but I also fell in love with these burlap options!! My Target was out of them but you best believe I will be going back to get some!!  So adorable, such a great price.  You can get them online HERE 

Thanks for shopping with me!  Love to hear if you get any of these items or found any great deals of your own this week!!


  1. Elaine.....I want it all!!! Where were those numbered plates? Who Made That line, Any idea? I love it all.....going to have to do a drive by at Target today!

    1. I got the numbered dishes at Tuesday Morning in McKinney. It is made by a brand called CMG but I couldn't find them online?? Target has the best stuff right?! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great finds. The dollar spot at Target is such a great place to score some seriously cute seasonal décor!