Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Let's Go Shopping : 8th Edition

Another week...another Homegoods, Target & TJ Maxx shopping trip!
I just cannot get enough of all the Fall goodies and of course some other amazing finds on the way.  

I got this MILK Ceramic pitcher for $7.99

Awesome mirror from TJ Maxx in Dallas.  $29.99
 Pumpkin faux book at TJ Maxx in Dallas for $12.99
 LOVE this sign from Homegoods!  It came home with me $12.99

Check out this amazing find at TARGET!!  This burlap banner was only $3 in the dollar bin section!!

 Here is a shot of my home with my new Target banner and Homegoods sign
More great finds at Target.  All of these were $1 and the stamps $3 in the Dollar bin section!
 So excited for Avery to have friends over for a movie watching party and use these cute popcorn boxes.  Only $2.99 at Homegoods in Dallas
 Got this great Gourd at TJ Maxx in Dallas for $12.99
 Cool galvanized metal bucket $19.99 at Homegoods Allen.  Would look awesome in Fall decor.
 Cool calendar at Homegoods Allen $39.99
 Love these Farmers Market buckets at Homegoods in Allen. $16.99, $14.99, $12.99
 2 of these great reproduction vintage scales at Homegoods Allen.  $49.99
  Brought this awesome sign home with me $24.99 at Homegoods Allen
 Cool metal baskets at Homegoods Allen $7.99-$14.99
 Awesome industrial basket on wheels $69.99 at Homegoods Allen
 More awesome fall signs.  I almost bought these!!  $16.99 at Homegoods!

I have so much fun shopping with yall each week.  Shop with us live on Instagram to see all the finds ASAP and go put them on hold. I love hearing how many of you call the store right away, put an item on hold and go get it!