Monday, September 15, 2014

3 Halloween/Fall decorating ideas-less than $10

Yay, the weather in Texas is finally starting to get cooler!  This makes me so happy (but especially since I am 34 weeks pregnant and hot all.the.time!).  I have been busy decorating for Fall over here and I will be doing a tour of my home soon with all of my Fall decor.
Today I am sharing 3 adorable decorating ideas that are easy and inexpensive!!!  Like, less than $10 (more like $5)

IDEA 1: Fall Tea towel

I found these great chalkboard inspired tea towels at Homegoods for only $2.99!!  They are super cute and huge so they make great art!!  I actually did a giveaway for one on my Instagram last week (be sure to follow me there to not miss out on any deals or giveaways...another one coming soon!!)  
I bought the Fall one and put it in a large frame I already had!

Here is the final result!  I LOVE the way it turned out!
Art for only $2.99!!

IDEA 2: Clipboard Art

I found these clipboards for $3 each in the Target $spot.  They had a picture of ideas on how to use them and I LOVED it! 
Thanks Target!!
Although $3 is not that much it is still more than I wanted to spend since I had to buy 3 (I told you I wanted cheap projects) so I headed over to Dollar Tree!  I found exactly what I was looking for there for $1 each!
I loved the BOO idea so I picked a font I wanted to use ( I used HERE for a free download) and typed it out in Powerpoint (you could also do this in Word).  I used size 600 font.
Then I printed it out, clipped it to the clipboard and for only $3!!!  I will be changing what it says for the different holidays so I can reuse it!  I just love it!

Idea 3: Ramekins with Pumpkins
I found this adorable pair of ramekins in the $ spot at Target for $3.  They came in white, bone and red.  I bought the white ones.  I LOVE how simple they are.  The beading looks so pretty in person.  They actually match my Pottery Barn Emma dishes!
I bought several of them and then added filler and some mini white pumpkins.  I found those at our local grocery store...Market Street.
 One of my friends did it on her dining table and here is her picture.
I love how simple this looks! 
I have a large Fall display on my dining table, but we host Thanksgiving at our house so I have to clear everything off to leave room for the food and I will line these up down the center of my farm table!  
Depending on how many ramekins you buy here is the cost:
4 ramekins: $6 (2 for $3)
4 mini white pumpkins: $4 ($1 each)
Filler: free- go pull some grass from outside.
Total $10

Hope you found some good ideas you can do around your house!  I love finding cute, cheap decor!
Happy Fall decorating Yall!


  1. I am going to grab my clipboards now! Thanks for all the cute ideas! :)

  2. Where did you buy your boxwood wreaths? Thank you!
    Leigh Anne

    1. I got them on home decor steals when they were on sale there

  3. These are terrific ideas! Especially love the tea towels - I'll be looking for those next time I'm shopping.
    Thanks for linking up to the Fantabulous Fall Favourites party!!

  4. Excellent ideas !!1 BTW, I have the exact same teapot set ;)
    Found you from the linky party :)