Monday, September 8, 2014

Flash card art

I love making unique art for my home.
I found some great flashcards at a local antique store for $1.
I picked ones that had a simple word on them so I could add my own words next to them.

Here are the before & afters and below I will teach you how simple it is to make your own!

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the gift of awesome handwriting!  I would give anything to be able to do my own calligraphy, but I am just not that great at it.  I LOVE the art of handwriting and collecting fonts!
You can see some of my favorite fonts HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

So, I used this really easy technique 
to get the look:
Step 1: Pick out the word and font you want to use and type it out in word or powerpoint.  Print out the paper the size you want the word
Step 2: turn over the paper and color the back of the word with pencil lead
Step 3: lay the printed word where you want it on the flashcard and then trace over it.  This will leave a stencil on the flashcard
Step 4: color in the word

I used Emily Lime Carolyna Pro for the Faith and Thankful card.
I used Feel Script for the Believe Card.

I have several more I need to make.
You could do a great verse too.  I have another 'She' flash card that is larger that I am thinking of putting:
"SHE turned her cans into cants and dreams into plans"
I also want to do some with bible verses.

Here are some examples of where I placed the cards around the house.

This one is in my daughters new big girl room.

This one is in our family room.

Here I used it in my Fall decor.

Each of these only cost me $1!  This is the kind of project I LOVE.
I plan on doing some cute Christmas ones too!
I LOVE decorating with flashcards.  I stick several into my Christmas Tree each year.  You can see those below!

Have fun making to hear what you come up with!

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