Monday, September 22, 2014

My House of Hargrove: Fall Home Tour

I LOVE FALL!  I am sure from my previous posts you have figured this out already :)

I love the weather, smells, clothes, holidays, family time, decorations,etc.
I start decorating my home really early...pretty much when Sept 1 hits I get the Fall decor out.  Then Oct 1 I put out the Halloween decor and Nov 1 I go back to Fall with some added Thanksgiving in the mix.  And you guessed it...right after Thanksgiving I start decorating for Christmas.

Once the holidays are over it makes me sad to take everything down because I love all the festive decor around.
If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some sneak peeks of my Fall decor, but here it is all in one spot.

Welcome to our home:

This is our entryway right when you come in the front door.

When you walk in our front door this is the landing to our stairway.
Click HERE for details on the clipboard art!

Our dining room

This is our Family Room:

This is in our Breakfast Nook.  Learn how to make this chalkboard inspired art for less than $5 HEREI gave one away on Instagram so be sure to follow me there for our tips, pics and giveaways!!

If you have any questions on where I got anything, etc please post in the comments below and I will do my best to answer everything.  I also post all of my sources on Instagram and lots of these items were found on our "lets go shopping" trips.  I do those LIVE on Instagram and post weekly recaps on my blog!
Thanks for stopping by for the tour!  
Stay tuned for the Halloween Home Tour


  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for letting us into your home; everything looks amazing. I can't wait to hang up my new banner on our mantle! Thanks again for the generous giveaway. Happy fall!

    x Dabay

    1. Awe thanks! YAY congrats on winning the banner!

  2. Thank you for linking up to the fall link up party! Um, can you come to my house and decorate it? You do such a great job! It's wonderful!!

    1. Oh thank you so much! That is so sweet! Thanks for having the link up!

  3. Wow, this all looks so great! I LOVE fall and feel like I'm getting into the spirit more than ever this year. Love to see how other people decorate their homes. Beautiful job!

  4. You had me at your porch! But the inside hall is stunning with that green table. And the sweet white pumpkin in the cloche - wow!
    Thanks so much for linking up to the Fantablulous Fall Favourites party.

  5. I'm so happy to find you!! I love the shabby pieces you've mixed in. They give everything so much character. We are in Rockwall really close to you so it's fun to me to read your shopping posts. :)