Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Home Crush: Christoper Architects

I love love houses.  
Building them, looking at floor plans, touring model homes, designing, decorating...the works!  
The other day I came across an incredible company called Christoper Architects & Interiors and got lost on their page for about an hour looking at all the pictures and drooling over everything!
Such talent!
I had to share their amazing work with yall!

Good Morning.....

Good night....

 hello beautiful windows....

 they also have incredible sketches!  I love looking at all of them!  How cool would these be framed in your home??!

this is the coolest bar/outdoor area.  This photo shows you a close up and then photo after shows another view!  Would spend a lot of time here!
 here you can see more of the outside part connecting to the indoor bar.  Love those collapsible doors.

You can see many many more of their beautiful pictures on their 
Only problem....they build in Alabama....I'm in Texas :(.

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