Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hula Hut-Little Elm Review

I went to college at UT in Austin and besides my apartment I pretty much lived at Hula Hut.  I may or may not have spend so many hours on the patio with friends one day that we had 2 meals!
When I found out that they were opening a second location in Little Elm (only 25 minutes from me) I was so so so excited!  They pushed back the opening date many times so I was thrilled when I found out it opened last Monday!  
It was so so good!  Reminded me so much of the one in Austin.  The food and layout is pretty much the same.  It is built over a man made pond that gave a great atmosphere.  It is the same pond used by Hydrous a wakeboard park so while you eat you can watch people wake board.  It is pretty cool.

 Lots of great boat decor and they really stuck to the Hawaiian theme.  Every server said Aloha when they greeted us.

This is right when you walk in the restaurant.  You are greeted by a hula girl and a huge bar with a view of the water.
This is a view of the main indoor dining room
This is a HUGE patio just like in Austin.  Same layout with a seperate area in teh back with huge bar.  If you look out the windows on the left you see the wake board park.  If you look out the windows on the right you see the other section of the water and instead of a big fish like they have in Austin this one has a "volcano" that "erupts" every now and then (Avery loved it) and it has dolphin statues.
 View of Volcano
Huge patio out back of main dining room.  Again same layout as Austin
 Volcano and view of Lake Lewisville.  The waiter said that phase 2 (probably next year) is adding a boat dock from the Lake to the restaurant.
 View of huge covered patio from middle uncovered patio.  That is the patio we ate on.
 View of wake board park
The is a separate room that they are still working on.  Another huge open patio for dining and private events.  It pretty much mirrors the other patio.  This is a new addition that they do not have at the Austin location.
 View of this new area (not yet open) from the middle patio.
Overall I give it 2 thumbs up!  They really did a great job!  Cannot wait to go back.

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