Thursday, September 24, 2015

Restoration Hardware Teen

It is beautiful, inspirational, creative and their catalogs are the best ever!

I was thrilled when I heard they were coming out with RH Teen.  Now listen, I understand that RH is a splurge.  I have a few key pieces from there, but I also love to look at their items for ideas!
Then I go and try to get the "look for less".

The other night we laid in bed as a family, Geoff watched Football, Avery watched Peppa Pig on her Ipad, Braden stuck things in his mouth and I read cover to cover the RH Teen catalog.  We were all in heaven.

One thing I love about RH Baby & Child and RH Teen is they have pieces that adults can use that are usually a better price than the actual Restoration Hardware.
The curtains in my dining room are from RH Baby & Child.

RH Teen is full of great things!  Believe me, my room NEVER looked this cool when I was a teen.  Think denim comforter, plaid, poofy window treatments....oh the 90s!!

Here is the cover of the catalog.
The first thing that jumped out at me when I opened it was this amazing chair!  It mixes my favorite things!  French linen chair with sparkle!!!  It is perfect in every way and I am so asking Santa for this for ME for Christmas!  It also comes in black, but I love the white!

Here are some of the beautiful rooms you will see throughout the catalog.  Just like RH & RH Baby & Child, RH Teen stuck with a pretty neutral theme.

Here are some of my favorite items:
Juliet Bed (also comes with low footboard)

Once again there are many beautiful options but I fell in love with the Tattered Ruffle Set.
I want this for my bed!  I have been looking for a linen ruffle duvet cover!

For boys rooms I like using quilts more than duvets.
I liked this Shadow Plaid Quilt combined with Antler Print Sheets.

I actually preferred the boy dressers more than the girls dressers.  I didn't feel like they had anything really original for the girls.  Here are the boy ones that stood out to me.
 Niles Wide Dresser
Of course I love this one because it is paired with my favorite chair!
 Rivited Aluminum Trunk Storage Desk
 Glaston Trunk Desk

 Avalon Storage Study Wall Set

 Union Jack Braided Wool Rug


 Academy Task Swing Art Task Lamp
 Eveline Mercury Glass Chandelier
 Machine Age Task Lamp
Machine Age Task Sconce 
 Industrial Dome Small Pendant

They have a beautiful assortment of unique wall art.  You can find them all here.  I posted my favorite below.

 I thought these leather and canvas frames were really unique
 I think this mirror is really cool with writing on it!
 Gilt Carved Wood Message Mirror

This antler jewelry rack was such a great piece
and check out this branch jewelry rack
Of course no teen collection would be complete without lots of great electronic covers!  Be sure to check out their website and let me know which items are your favorites!!

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