Friday, September 4, 2015

Party Decorating-Avery's vintage, eclectic 4th birthday

Last weekend was a whirlwind.  It was all about Avery.  She turned 4 and had 4 celebrations.  This sounds over the top...but here is why.
Friday: her school did a little celebration for her.  Nothing big, just donuts and singing
Saturday: Family birthday.  We don't combine family & friend birthday celebrations yet because our family drives in and wants to spend time with her, not just watch her play with her friends
Sunday: friend birthday (more about that on another post)
Monday: her actual birthday!
This will be the last year of all of this because funny thing...when I had her 4 years ago I was not thinking about school schedules and had no idea her birthday actually falls the first week of school.  This year it would have been the first day of school, but she is not in Kindergarten yet.
Needless to say, I am tired and Avery has had too much sugar :)

One thing to know about me...I love a good party!  The invitations, the food, the decor, the people...the whole thing.  The minute we decide on a party my mind gets working!
Since her friend birthday was going to be all things FROZEN I wanted this one to be different.  My theme was Vintage, Eclectic....if that even is a thing?!

I always do a spread on the kitchen island and then set up desert in our butlers pantry.  I think this helps with flow with lots of people over.

I had this frame lying around so I just used some craft paper, and made my own art.
If you look closely you can see a happy girl in the reflection!
 I made this banner for her first birthday and just change out the age each year!  I love projects like this that you can use over and over!
I didn't want to have to buy anything for this party so I just pulled from stuff I had around the house. Hence the theme...eclectic ;)
I got the burlap banner from the Target $ section.  I have a love affair with that section!
I just love this chicken feed piece.  I like using quirky things to decorate with.
The clipboard sign is something I use a lot.  It is a wreath stand and I hang a clipboard from it with either a picture, a quote, etc.  I just made this quick sign in powerpoint.  Cheap, easy, cute and adds height to the spread.
 I got this metal 4 at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago on clearance for only $3!!!  
This Avery street sign remains one of my favorite things.  You can read all about it HERE  I still cannot believe I have it!
 These pumpernickel cheese melts are soooo yummy!  There are super easy to make and always a crowd favorite.  The recipe is HERE
I am known for my spinach artichoke and crab delight dips.  They are delish!!!  Recipes HERE

It was a great day and wishes for another amazing year!

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