Thursday, August 27, 2015

This could make me want to cook

 I love the idea of loving to cook, preparing awesome meals for my family, etc. but it just isn't me.  This isn't to say I don't cook sometimes.  We host all the holidays at our home, throw lots of parties, etc, but I just don't enjoy the cooking 5 times a week type of thing....HOWEVER....this range might make me change my mind!!
It is my dream to have something like this in our future farmhouse.

You can see even more stunning photos here

Of the 2 brands Lacanche is my favorite.
You can go onto their website and choose exactly what you want.  There are so many different styles, colors, finishes, layouts, etc.
You pick your style and then you can try out all the different swatches to get exactly what you want.
From white, blue, pink, black, even orange!

 Here is one think I don't like; I like built in double ovens in my kitchen.  I don't want to have to bend over to get in my oven.  I also love having pot and pan drawers under my stove.  I really wish they made a stove top and double ovens.  Not only is the quality incredible, but they are so beautiful!  Truly a work of art!  I mean how stunning would a kitchen be with double ovens and a stove top like this?!!

I did a quick image to get an idea.
Here is a stunning white kitchen from Milk & Honey Home
Here is the same kitchen with the stove part of the Lacanche range
I mean it is just perfection!!!!
Maybe they will read this blog post and make this option available by the time we build our farmhouse (wink wink)....a girl can dream right!
Here is another example of a beautiful white kitchen with double ovens...
but with a little photoshop magic....look how amazing!
I really think we all need these in our lives...or at least our kitchens ;)

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