Monday, August 10, 2015

Subway Tile makes me Smile

There are a few key things when it comes to decorating that would be signature to my style.  Shiplap, wood floors, Cararra Marble, barn doors and subway tile.  Of course vintage, chippy furniture and accessories as well.  I seriously fantasize about my dream farmhouse in my head all the time and it is full of all these goodies!!
Today I want to look at Subway Tile and all the fun ways to use it.  I love it because it is pretty neutral, timeless and can be used in so many ways.  I believe it is one of those things that even as your style changes you wouldn't get tired of it.
You cannot talk about subway tile without thinking of the queen of Farmhouse....Joanna Gaines.  Here is her stunning kitchen.  She typically uses dark grout.  My personal preference is white grout, but you can see how beautiful this is!
Here is another classic example of subway tile in the kitchen with white grout.
There are many variations of subway tile.  It can be classic, farmhouse, modern, traditional, whimsical, etc.  There are different colors, textures and sizes to get the look you love.
Below are examples of colored glass subway tile.  It is just beautiful.

Here are 2 examples of a smaller scale subway tile.  I love it in the marble!
I am not a huge fan of mosaic so you want to make sure it is rectangular and not square so you avoid that look if you are trying to stay with the subway style.
Subway tile looks good in all rooms of the house....not just the kitchen.  Look at these beautiful laundry rooms!

and bathrooms...
photo credit
I couldn't do this post without one of my all time favorite kitchens.  Rachel Parcell's kitchen from the Pink Peonies Blog.  She must have changed out her chandelier (personally I prefer the crystal one), but seriously....look at that kitchen!

 This week on Instagram our #designcrusHOH theme guessed it....Subway Tile!
Looking forward to seeing your crushes and personal style!

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