Monday, August 24, 2015

Dining Room details

Earlier this week I shared my new updated dining room and today I am sharing some details!
I LOVE decorating, and getting amazing deals makes it even better!
Here she is!
 I got this beautiful weathered grey piece at AtHome stores.  I love that I can change it up by placing new things in it.  This will be so much fun during the holidays.  It was $39.99
If you are not near an AtHome store you can find a similar one here: French Country Terraium
I wanted to add something simple to the inside and when I saw these greenery balls at AtHome Stores I knew they were perfect!  Here is my little secret.....they are Christmas Ornaments!!!
Moss Balls are sometimes a little pricey, but these adorable balls were only $3.99!!!

So cute right?!  I love using Christmas ornaments year round.  There are some beautiful glass ones tied in rope that I have used many times for fillers in bowls, etc. 
I got these distressed white boxes at AtHome as well.  I put them on both sides of the center piece and filled them with old mason jars.  I crinkled some old book pages on the bottom.
I love white dishes!  I got this amazing cupboard on Craigslist for a steal!!  These dishes are faux Ironstone so they have the look, but are much cheaper.
I got a set of 6 Farmhouse Platters HERE
The are AWESOME!! They are random shapes and sizes and I couldn't be more happy with them.
To get the platters to stand up and not slip I use rubber bumpers like these.

I am also obsessed with these pitchers and they are on my "Christmas List" (wink wink)
Did I mention I like white dishes!  Ha.
I got this frame at a barn sale made of old barn wood.
Lamp can be found HERE  only $24.99
I got this old chicken feed at a flea market and use it as a plate rack.
Love decorating with boxwood wreaths  
These Garden District Mirrors are from Ballard Designs and they are some of my favorites!!
They are on SALE right now!!
Love having this room updated and super excited to decorate it for the holidays!

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  1. Such a charming dining room with so many goodies & personal touches..LOVE!!