Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My House of Hargrove: Dining Room Reveal

My dining room was very Pottery Barn circa 2000 with red walls.  It was a lot more formal than my current taste.  I wanted to change it up and have it flow more with our home and my current taste.
Click HERE to see the BEFORE.
First step: PAINT!!  Bye bye red....hello grey
 Next steps:
-décor, décor, décor
Here is the after:

There she is!  Avery's 4th Birthday party is at our house on Saturday and it will be the first time I get to use the new dining room.  I am so excited.  I still need a rug, but that will come later!

Chandelier: farmhouse chandelier
Dishes: various white dishes  Will post links on upcoming post.
Chairs: Mine have sold out, but these are the ones I would have bought if I was getting all new: french dining chairs  
Lamp: Kirklands only $24.99
Numbered Drawers: Hobby Lobby
Buffet: Craigslist and I refinished it
Dining Table Accessories: At Home Stores. Will post more details on these later


  1. Wow! It's absolutely beautiful and so timeless!

  2. Elaine, your dining room is amazing! First of all it's bigger than they usually are. You are so lucky to be able to fit such a long table in there. Love the gray paint and all the special touches you've done in the room.

    1. That is so sweet. Thank you! We do a lot of the hosting for holidays at our home so when we built I did a long dining room so we could fit everyone!

  3. I love your dining room so much. It caught my eye because the paint color is so similar to mine, and my dining room is definitely still "in progress". Am definitely looking for inspiration. I especially loved the chandelier AND the curtains. I have already purchased the curtains for my family room (thanks for the idea!) and am trying to convince my husband to get the chandelier. You are so talented!

    1. Awe, thank you!! You are too kind! So sorry I am just responding. My blog messed up for awhile and didn't show me the comments??