Monday, August 11, 2014

My House of Hargrove-Braden's Nursery Complete!

Over the last few months I have been working on turning Avery's Nursery into Braden's Nursery.
I started with a plan and then it was time to execute.

It is finally done!  Now, we are just ready for him to arrive and officially join our family!  Welcome to Braden's Nursery!

My sweet friend Jennifer from Miss Lulu's (does the best embroidery) gave me this precious door hanger!  I love it.  This is a saying that my mom and I used to say each other so it has special meaning.
I got the barn wood frames at Hobby Lobby and made my own monogram art from my computer.  I placed them on scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.
The sign above the closet door says "All Because Two People Fell in Love".  I made this on an old piece of wood.  The Vintage Edition art is a Tea towel from H&M that I got for $4.95, then had it framed in old wood.  Custom, cheap, it!

The crib was the same crib I used for Avery's nursery.  Details here.
The bedding is My Baby Sam.

I got the door and the vintage locker at a flea market.  The craft stock B I sold at my barn sales.

I made the art...learn how to make this Barn Art.

 I got the lamp at Target and the frames & accessories are from Home Goods.  One frame is Braden's sonogram, one is of baby Avery and one is of his family...ready to meet him!

Learn all the details on the Mason Jar & Vintage Lighting...where they are from, how to make them.
I refinished the buffet when I did Avery's nursery.

I got this antique trunk at an auction
Here is a picture of Geoff when he was a baby, Braden's middle name is Austin...(he is named after my favorite city) so I made this art for this room.  The barn is an ornament from Garden Ridge for $3.99.
 These items I have collected from lots of different places.

 I changed the ribbon on these drapes but they are the same ones from Avery's nursery.  I used an old piece of barn wood at the top to finish it off.  The pillows are from various places.
The grainsack ones are from Etsy.  The numbered pillow is from Belk.

 I got this old burlap sack and made a faux roman shade.  It is super easy and I will be doing a "how to" this week.  Milk art is from Garden Ridge.

Thanks for taking a tour of Braden's nursery.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Visiting from ERika's blog. LOVE this room. So unique!