Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My House of Hargrove: New Guest Room

I had posted back in June that with the announcement of a new baby on the way it was time to do some re-arranging in our home.  The guest room was downstairs right off the kitchen and this was the perfect location for a kids playroom.  You can read all about that HERE.
I have been busy this summer working on 4 rooms.  Avery's Big Girl Room, Switching the Nursery to Braden's nursery and swapping the current guestroom upstairs to the bonus room and making the current guest room the playroom.  So....I have been making lots of progress and the new guest room is done!
You can see the original guest room HERE & HERE

As you head up our front stairs you can see the small balcony section leads over to a 5th bedroom....this is now the new Guestroom.

This is a view from that balcony looking down to our entryway.

This is the hallway leading into the guest room

Welcome to our new guestroom... 
I pretty much moved everything from the old guestroom up to this room.  The layout of the room is a little different and the ceiling height is much lower, but I think it all works great.  Unfortunately, I had to cover one window with the headboard.  There was really no other way to lay out the room.

In the original guestroom the ceilings were really tall so the french mirror was on the wall above the dresser, but it wouldn't fit in this room. 

I LOVE This wallpaper!  I have a really small section downstairs right in front of the old guest room, but this room has an entire wall of it!  It fits perfectly in this room!  So glad that it will be seen more now because you never really saw it when it was in the "bonus room"...we never went in there.  Click HERE for lots of Wallpaper ideas.

This is a view from the guestroom out into the hallway. 

I was able to fit every piece into the new guestroom except one!  This white piece is now in my dining room.

Thanks for visiting our new guestroom.  If you have any questions post them in the comments below and I will get back to you.  Thanks

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